Chrome Plating

Chrome Plating

We have many proprietary applications that make our chrome superior in quality. The following illustrations represent our plating procedures. We want you to know the difference between our chrome plating and someone that has just started out or has been in the business a long time and is sending out brownish colored chrome with dull windows. Our chrome is bright because of the copper, semi-bright nickel, bright nickel, and bright hexavalent chrome process we use. We have seen the other chrome, and it doesn’t even come close in comparison to our quality.

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Chrome Plating1. Inspection

Each shipment received is separated by customer, and opened up immediately. Each box is inspected for quantity and description. During this inspection, any damage from accident or shipping is noted.

2. Identification

Each wheel is coded with a IWO#, that identifies the wheel design, customer, and date received. This assures that you receive the exact wheel sent. This also enables WCI to track the wheel throughout the entire plating process.

3. Paint Strip

There are a variety of paint/primer stripping processes. WCI employs a COLD STRIP procedure utilizing an alkaline bath solution. This is the safest design available. (Be aware of ACID BATH, SAND BLASTING, & HOT STRIPPING solutions that can etch the alloy or effect the integrity of the metal).

4. 1st Stage PolishChrome Plating

(HAND TOOLS) Small hand held grinders are used first to prepare the window and relief pockets to a high luster. This procedure is very time consuming, but essential to providing the finest “full chrome look” possible. We fashioned the term “full polished chrome.”

5. 2nd Stage Polish

This stage is designed to remove machine lines on the face of the casting. A 220 grit belt is used to perform this procedure.

6. 3rd Stage Polish

(SISEL BUFF) This stage is to blend the window area with the face area.

7. 4th Stage Polish

(JITTER BUFF) This procedure is to work the flat position of the wheel again, to eliminate any waves in the material from previous procedures. This utilizes a 240 grit paper.

8. 5th Stage Polish

(SEMI-AUTOMATIC) This is the final stage of the initial polishing process. The lip and the outer edge is brought to a high luster. Now the wheel is ready for plating.

Chrome Plating9. Soap Bath

After polishing the wheel, it goes through a soap bath and various rinsing procedures to remove all polishing compounds

10. Electroless Nickel StrikeChrome Plating

This process activates the wheel for other plating materials. This step is somewhat innovative and very important for corrosion resistance and plating coverage.

11. Copper Plate

Unique to aluminum, this process makes the difference between a steel and aluminum part. Copper is a filler, and depending on the porosity of the casting, the wheel may remain in this tank up to six hours. (Be aware: not all platers utilize this step, but it is very necessary.)

12. Copper Buff (Face)

After copper plating, the wheel has become dull, just like after paint strip. The copper needs to be brought to a high-luster finish.

13. Copper Buff (Windows)

The windows and relief areas also need to be brought to a high-luster. Very delicate care is necessary as to not rub or polish through the copper plating. This is the final polishing stage.

14. Copper Bath

The copper buff wheel is bathed and rinsed to remove any copper buff compound.

Chrome Plating15. Nickel Plate

Two stages of nickel are applied during this process: First a semi-bright, then a bright nickel. Now the wheel is ready for the final step.

16. Anode

Prior to being place in the final solution, a conforming anode is attached, assuring a complete and even coverage.

17. Chrome Plate

This is the final step of the plating process. Once the anode is attached, the wheel is placed in the chrome, rinsed, and sent to inspection.

18. Chrome Inspection

As each wheel is cleaned and inspected, the IWO# is noted at this time to determine to whom the wheel belongs.

19. Protective Rings

Each wheel, after cleaning, is wrapped in plastic, and our specially designed protective rings are placed on both the front and back of the wheel.

20. PackagingChrome Plating

WCI wheel boxes are designed to be reused (such as for core return shipments). Our “bullet proof” packaging assures that every wheel arrives as it left here…Perfect.

21. Shipping

Orders received before 2PM (PST) can usually be shipped the same day. Here are some of the carriers we utilize: UPS, RPS, and we do use other courier services, depending on what is best for you.