Warranty & Terms and Conditions



Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC wheel finishes are warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for 84 months from the date of purchase, by the original purchaser only. Warranty claims require the original purchaser to supply the original invoice to verify purchase details, including date of purchase.


Due to extreme and varying applications, the following conditions VOID this warranty:

  1. Wheels damaged in transit or by improper handling.
  2. Wheels damaged by abuse or improper maintenance.
  3. Wheels damaged by improper installation or mounting.
  4. Wheels that have adapters or spacers added.
  5. Wheels damaged by curbs or accidents.
  6. Wheel finish damaged due to corrosion, chemical, abrasive cleaners or adverse weather conditions.
  7. Wheels that have been modified or re-drilled.


The period of warranty for chrome plating is 84 months and for gold plating, 90 days from the date of purchase. The plating warranty covers adhesion only (peeling) of chrome/gold from the wheel. This warranty does not cover staining or oxidation. Surface rust (pitting) can be prevented by proper care and is not covered by this warranty. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser and is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.


Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC reserves the right to make changes or improvements to design, specifications, or materials without incurring any obligation to make the same or similar changes in products previously sold.


Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC at its option, will repair or replace wheels under the terms and conditions of this warranty. After receiving a return authorization number, claims should be presented to Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC, freight pre-paid. Customer is responsible for freight charges to Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC.


RE-CHROMING of a previously plated wheel is exempt from Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC existing & any future warranty.


VACUUM METALIZED plastic parts have a 90-day warranty.




Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC cores must be returned within 10 days of invoice (if delinquent, billing charges may be applied at stated value on invoice). Core returns must be the same make & model, diameter and width. Core returns cannot be chrome plated, previously chrome plated, out of round (bends/flat spots), previously repaired, have curb damage, corrosion or be reconditioned. Customer is subject to all repair and/or replacement charges at the discretion of Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC.



CHROME PLATED WHEELS: Wash wheels thoroughly each week, using mild soap and water. Wax the wheels regularly using only wax made specifically for wheels (such as Wheel Wax, sold by Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC that has been proven safe on chrome). Avoid road salt and car washes that use caustic, phosphate or acid cleaners. NEVER use any liquid cream or paste cleaners.


If a wheel becomes chipped, it is essential that the wheel be repaired. This is to prevent moisture from getting underneath the chrome and causing peeling or discoloration. NEVER use a “pound on wheel-weight” as this will chip or crack the finish, causing future problems.


DO NOT ALLOW BREAK DUST TO ACCUMULATE, because it is very caustic and will damage a wheel very quickly.

Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC recommends removal of chrome plated wheels and custom wheels during the winter months where salted roads and extreme cold temperatures and unknown hazards prevail.




All sales for special orders are final and are not returnable to Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC under any circumstance.




MOUNTED WHEELS ARE NOT RETURNABLE. Authorized returns are subject to a 20% restocking charge. All claims must be made within 10 days of date of invoice. No materials returned without authorization will be accepted.




Payments are due in full at time of purchase unless stated otherwise. Accounts with terms are subject to a service charge of 1 ½% per month, which is equal to 18% per year, charged thereafter plus attorney fees and cost of collection. All accounts payable to Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC in Newbury Park, CA 91320.

Subject to change without notice.




Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC shall not be liable for any consequential, special or contingent damages or expenses arising directly or indirectly from our products and/or services and no company representative may enlarge or alter the terms of this warranty and terms & conditions and will assume no responsibility for diagnosis, removal or replacement, loss of vehicle use, loss of time, fatal or other consequential expenses. In addition, the Principal of Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC is not a certified U.S. Department of Transportation automotive carrier and does not function as an indirect automotive carrier under Part 393 of the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations. Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC may utilize information it obtains from vendors and other third-party sources within the automotive industry. Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC does not audit or independently verify the accuracy, currency or completeness of any of the information which it obtains from any third-party source and disclaims any duty to verify the accuracy, currency or completeness of any such information.