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Not Just Another Barn-Find

As this year comes to a close we’re already opening new chapters in preparation for 2020. Our goal: to have a team of dedicated, passionate drivers who are continually looking to progress themselves and their rides and rep the #savethewheels movement. With that being said, we welcome Freddy Torres and his static Nissan 370z to the roster!

As we pulled up to the spot, Freddy and his friend joked around saying it’s like a barn-find from the Forza Horizon game series. This would be a pretty amazing barn-find haha!

We just finished rebuilding a pair of his Work Wheel VS-XXs. We broke them down and rebuilt them with 4.5 inch outer lips. Paired with custom spacers in the front, these wheels have just the right fitment for the already wide front fenders.

I love the Bride Low Max seat paired with the Grip Royal suede wheel. Just enough padding to keep from destroying your spin on that static suspension haha. Check out that custom horn delete too!

We talked briefly about future plans and goals and his first thing was getting the rear wheels rebuilt. We’ll be pushing them out over an inch by adding 5.5 inch outer lips. That’s some serious depth but he’s still got plenty of room on the car to go larger if he wants.

Again, welcome to the team Freddy! Love the car, love the vision and we’re glad to help you along the way!
If you want to see progress on his build be sure to follow him on Instagram @freddytorres_z34.
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