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Who's the Fairest Z of Them All?


I was with James as we sat in a parking lot outside of a Bank of America in Downtown LA waiting for his dream car to pull up so that he could test drive it for the first time. Unbeknownst to either us, this car would prove to be one of the most iconic Z's in Southern California.

James and I first met each other circa 2014 when we were stationed in Naples, Italy together. Then, he was driving a stock Alfa Romeo hatchback that we essentially dragged to the junkyard when he transferred back to the states. I had no clue he had the same passion for cars as I did until we ended up being stationed together again in Ventura County in 2017. That's when he hustled his way into the driver seat of this supercharged rocket.

This car has been through a variety of changes since James first took ownership. Driving the car to Las Vegas where his dad lives, they stripped the car and completely repainted it a custom blended burgundy that he refuses to tell anyone as if its guarded family recipe.

The dark red tones give the custom rebuilt Work Equip wheels a balanced contrast against the custom bronze color we chose for him. In addition to the wheel’s faces we also powder coated his hood inserts, and bash bar the same color to tie it better into build.

Ensuring the the car has the perfect ride height and fitment is left up to the Airrex digital management system and air ride bags and struts. You've probably noticed that this isn't an OEM body and that's a correct assumption. Rather that going the standard rivet style body kit was not on the agenda so this one-off kit was cut and welded into the body professionally to give this Z a much needed update.

The Vortech V3 Supercharger allows VQ35 Rev Up power plant to put out more than double the horsepower than when it had from the factory. Paired with the Kinetix upper plenum, the spinny-whoosh noises that are emitted from under the hood will make even the most seasoned driver twitch with excitement.

When James first purchased the Z, it's didn't need an update but when you're building an award winning car, you don't skimp out. He decided to partner up with DND Performance to help supply him with the perfect, race inspired pieces. The sueded wheel and quick release hub accent the reclining bucket seats and Crow Enterprises harness as if they were made for each other.

All in all James has built one of the most recognized Z's in the SoCal car community. His passion and attention to detail really shine through out this car and as he transitions into the drift racing scene, we are excited to see his same passion carry over.

To find out more about James and his journey we encourage you to follow him on Instagram! Just search @macjames212. 

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